Exploring the natural and built environments through photography

Welcome to BKingFoto!

SF Skyline

Welcome to BKingFoto!

My exploration of photography began in earnest as an eighth grader in 1980 with my first 35 mm SLR camera – a Pentax K1000.  While I made many mistakes with this basic camera, it served me well through high school.  My main focus at the time was attempting to shoot rock concerts, as well as taking photos for my high school yearbook.

After a couple of years at the University of Illinois studying Architecture, I was able to parlay an architectural freelance project into enough money to buy the first-ever auto focus 35 mm SLR, the Canon EOS 650 in 1988.  According to Wikipedia,

“An EOS 650 was used in 1992 to take the first photographic image which was uploaded on the World Wide Web, a picture of the band Les Horribles Cernettes.”

While advanced for it’s time, I still own this camera body, and it is amazing how primitive this “fully automatic” camera is by today’s standards.

My college years exposed me to my first experiences documenting the built world as well as developing an understanding of photo processing in the darkroom, developing film and printing black and white prints. Since I knew my way around a camera, I was also able to earn a few bucks shooting “party pics” at sorority parties on the weekends for a local photo agency.

For about 20 years, photography was primarily an intermittent artistic hobby to compliment my professional career in architecture up until reasonably affordable access to digital SLR’s and digital processing became available in recent years.  Since then, I’ve rapidly expanded my skill set in both photographic technique and digital processing.

My specific interests have grown to include product photography, micro stock, and sports photography, as well as my long-time interests of landscape, travel,  and architectural photography.

Through these pages, I’ll share with you some of my experiences as I continue to shoot and explore.  I’ll be commenting on equipment, field technique, and digital processing.  Please comment on my pages with any questions about any of the topics, or leave your own tips!

I hope you enjoy exploring with me!

Bryan M. King, AIA


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