Exploring the natural and built environments through photography

Going Mobile

As committed as I am to photography, the reality is that it still is often a secondary activity that I fit in while on another agenda.  Whether I am on a … Continue reading

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Creating Panoramas with a Tilt-Shift Lens

There are many ways to create panoramas.  If you have a smartphone, it’s likely the native “camera” application has an option allowing you to pan your camera and automatically stitch … Continue reading

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The Best Camera

There’s a common expression that the best camera is the one that you have with you.  There’s even a book with the same name by Chase Jarvis with a collection … Continue reading

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Why I always shoot RAW

If you have a camera that allows you to record images in RAW format I highly recommend that you always capture in RAW either in addition to, or in lieu … Continue reading

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Gear 2015

If you’ve read my welcome note, you know I’ve already confessed to being a “Canon” guy and not a Nikon devotee. I actually don’t have any strong loyalty one way … Continue reading

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Take Stock in This

One of the photo endeavors that has forced me to improve as a photographer has been licensing photos to micro-stock photo web sites. Even though most of the significant services have … Continue reading

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Welcome to BKingFoto!

Welcome to BKingFoto! My exploration of photography began in earnest as an eighth grader in 1980 with my first 35 mm SLR camera – a Pentax K1000.  While I made many … Continue reading

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